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I will have 8 Flower paintings in exhibit at the Federation of Canadian Artist gallery in Granville Island for their Summer Gallery show running July 19-31.

watercolor portrait painting with patterns by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier

“Now you see me” is part of the International watercolor Society biennale exhibition in Vancouver. It will be exhibited at the Cityscape Community Art space in North Vancouver.

Join us for the opening on July 7( 7-9 pm)
335 Lonsdale avenue, North VancouverThe whole exhibition is bringing over 160 artists from all around the globe and is hosted by 3 galleries in Vancouver. It is an unique opportunity to see the best artists working in this medium worldwide.


    • July 5th at the Ferry building gallery, 6 to 9 pm
    • July 7th at Cityscape community Art space, 7 to 9 pm
    • July 9 at International Art Gallery, 2 pm


Exhibition dates:

  • July 5th to 24th at the Ferry building gallery
  • July 8th to 30th at Cityscape community Art space
  • July 9 to 25th at International Art Gallery


patterned trees painting by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier
patterned west coast landscape by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier
acrylicworks 3 book by North Light booksThis edition of AcrylicWorks focuses on the theme of texture! The broad theme allows for an amazing variety of styles and approaches. Explore how each individual artist takes to capturing their three-dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. Each translation is unique and inspiring. From shocking hyper-realism to harmonious abstractions, and everything in between, the visual interest of each artist is expressed beautifully and calls your attention into seeing the beauty within any part of our world. See the world as they see it and allow yourself to fall into their paintings as you try to understand both their technique as well as their conceptual focus. Reading each statement certainly gives each work a new air of significance and character

North Shore art crawl 2016

 North Shore art crawl activity in North Vancouver studio
I have an exciting hands on activity as I will have all the supplies for you to try your hand at doodling on pebbles. I have lots and lots of them, they are heavy so I will be happy if you can make a bunch and take them home!
I am so excited to see my work on the cover and in a featured article of Acrylic Artist, Winter 2016.
Caroline McKee wrote the article and I had the opportunity to talk about techniques, inspiration but also marketing and business.
Click here to see a detailed content of this issue of Acrylic Artist

acrylic artist magazine cover by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier

Here is a preview of the first pages of the article.

Real or Imagined
Sandrine Pelissier’s work explores the tension between opposing concepts by blending delicate drawing designs with loose, abstract painting.
By Caroline McKee

​Click on the picture to see a larger version.

painting flowers from imagination

We scanned our collective artwork and are happy to announce that it is now available on Fine Art America. You can browse a variety of formats from canvas to bags and even cell phone cases and more.
Check it out on Fine Art America here.

All profits will go to the Harvest project, a North Vancouver local charity and food bank.


 prints available for culture days collective art tree cookie painting
I am very excited to have three painting in the Art Rentals and Sales program at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This non-profit program allows for everyone to invest in Art with its flexible rent and sales opportunities.


Vancouver art gallery art rental and sales program

Art Rental & Sales
c/o Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7

Sorry, the tree is now full and we can’t take any more participants in the project.
If you are interested in getting news from us, we will probably work on another participate project next year for culture Days, please fill out the form here
Our collective art project is getting filled with many words of wisdom!  This project is a collaboration between Sophie Babeanu (Expressive Arts Facilitator) and myself.

We are very excited about the idea of giving many people from all other the world the chance to participate from a distance to our project.So if you want to be part of this collaborative work of Art, please listen to the recording bellow. you can also read the text if you prefer.

Then fill out the form with some words of wisdom you would like to share.

We will post on Facebook and here a picture of your sentence in the tree.

One participant will win a print of the final work of Art!

Voice recording


For a moment…..

That you are a tree, a beautiful, magnificent tree with deep roots and soaring branches.

You live in a forest surrounded by other trees, birds, animals and lush plants.

On the inside, you are layered from a strong core unto your bark. Each year passing by you have grown a layer and became taller, wider and stronger.

If we could see inside that tree, we would be able to tell what those years have been like.

Now, we are inviting you to see those layers, this core, and to listen to them.

What do they have to say? What words of wisdom do they have to share?

Maybe you would you like to tell them something? What do you want to share with your inner tree?

Now write those words, this sentence on the paper we gave you and be ready to share it on the final artwork. You can write in English or any other languages.

Thank you.

Help us spread the word, share with your friends!

The tree is now full, thank you to all our participants. If you want to be updated on our upcoming participative Arts project, please fill out the form here.

The following three paintings will be exhibited at the International Art Gallery in Tinselton (Vancouver) for the Invitational Exhibition of Prominent Female Artists.

Join me and 18 other Artists on Aug 22 for the Opening Ceremony and Reception at 3 pm:
Opening on 22 Aug (Sat) is for both 3 artists from China and 18 local artists. Exhibition from 22 to 31 Aug will be on the 3 artists from China. The second phrase exhibition from 3 to 12 Sept will be for the 18 local artists.