Participate in our Culture Days project from a distance!

Participate in our Culture Days project from a distance!

Sorry, the tree is now full and we can’t take any more participants in the project.
If you are interested in getting news from us, we will probably work on another participate project next year for culture Days, please fill out the form here
Our collective art project is getting filled with many words of wisdom!  This project is a collaboration between Sophie Babeanu (Expressive Arts Facilitator) and myself.

We are very excited about the idea of giving many people from all other the world the chance to participate from a distance to our project.So if you want to be part of this collaborative work of Art, please listen to the recording bellow. you can also read the text if you prefer.

Then fill out the form with some words of wisdom you would like to share.

We will post on Facebook and here a picture of your sentence in the tree.

One participant will win a print of the final work of Art!

Voice recording


For a moment…..

That you are a tree, a beautiful, magnificent tree with deep roots and soaring branches.

You live in a forest surrounded by other trees, birds, animals and lush plants.

On the inside, you are layered from a strong core unto your bark. Each year passing by you have grown a layer and became taller, wider and stronger.

If we could see inside that tree, we would be able to tell what those years have been like.

Now, we are inviting you to see those layers, this core, and to listen to them.

What do they have to say? What words of wisdom do they have to share?

Maybe you would you like to tell them something? What do you want to share with your inner tree?

Now write those words, this sentence on the paper we gave you and be ready to share it on the final artwork. You can write in English or any other languages.

Thank you.

Help us spread the word, share with your friends!

The tree is now full, thank you to all our participants. If you want to be updated on our upcoming participative Arts project, please fill out the form here.

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