North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier

Originally from France, I have been living in North Vancouver, Canada for the past 20 years.

My work has been collected and exhibited extensively in Canada and internationally. I am also part of the Art Rentals and sales program of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Many of my paintings have been published in Art books and magazines (Artist Magazine, Watercolor Artist Magazine, Acrylic Magazine, International Artist Magazine). I wrote 2 books with North Light/F+W Books Fearless Watercolor for beginners, adventurous painting techniques to get you started and Painting Imaginary Flowers: Beautiful Blooms and Abstract Patterns in Mixed Media

I have been writing for the last 5 years for my blog:, that has a mailing list of about 10 000 subscribers and about 20 000 visitors per month.

I am an active member in the community, as a co-founder of the North Shore Art crawl, a co-founder of a weekly life drawing group, a board member of the North Vancouver Arts Council, and have been invited as a juror for public art, art grants and juried exhibitions. You can read more about my collaborations here.


You can find my work at:


Vancouver art gallery art rentals and sales


My subjects are rooted in realism, while displaying a splash of the unreal, the unexpected or the whimsical. My direct environment has always been my source of inspiration as I would like my art to make you marvel at our world,  its daily mystery, humor and beauty.

Most of my work is situated right at the limit between painting, drawing and printing as I am exploring mixed media techniques. I am interested by the tension created by line and wash, the balance between opposite concepts, like the symmetry of geometric patterns and the asymmetry of organic designs, transparency and solidity, reality and imagination.

Themes in my work:

Patterns: I see patterns as a representation of life, more exactly they are a symbol of the complex layers of different scales that constitute life, from the very geometric patterns of molecules or cells to the complex organic living organisms they build.

Time: To me, painting is about time.
The time it takes to make a painting is made visible with repetitive lines, detailed patterns or scribbles that mark seconds like a metronome.
I like to think there is value in spending time making something that has no other use than being looked at, being devoted to the creative play and making that time tangible on the canvas. This is very much in opposition to how time is perceived in our society where there is a lot of pressure for efficient time management.
As anything to do with time, my paintings can be seen as a momento mori, confronting us with the implacable passage of time and our own mortality, trying to make sense of our place in nature and leave a trace.

The human body: I have been co-organizing life drawing classes in my studio for many years now and working with the figure is becoming an important part of my work.I like to represent mostly women of all shapes and ages, aiming at keeping only the essence of the figure through a simplified contour drawing, contrasting with the complexity of the surrounding patterns.Nudes are a timeless expression of the human condition, they are the only way to show the human figure outside of a cultural or historical context. It is art in its simplest form.

Feminism: There are feminist undertones in my work as the patterns added to paintings and drawings are often reminiscent of traditional feminine crafts like knitting, crochet, quilting and working with fabric. I would like to make viewers reflect upon the artificial boundaries we created between fine art and craft, often as a way to distinguish work done by female or male artists.