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12 weeks of drawing explorations

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26 weeks of Inspiration and training

Online painting class get feedback on your artREAD MORE

New: Express Yourself- Creative Well Being

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Painting Flowers from imagination in mixed media

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Online Class in French- Classe en ligne

classe d'art en ligne creativite et bien etreREAD MORE

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 Art Lessons with Cloth Paper Scissors

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Spot on

Online painting class

I immensely enjoyed the course. It was full of new techniques and materials. A big exploring adventure. Sandrine is a great teacher. Her comments are spot-on. Firm and gentle at the same time and always constructive. It was a great learning experience and above all a lot of fun.

Marjolijn Hof
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes

Being half way through

Online painting class

Being half way through this class I really enjoy all the projects very much. It helped me so far to learn to explore different approaches and inspires me to try out new art making. The projects are very well explained and anybody can follow and learn as well as improve as an artist. I welcome Sandrine’s feedback as it is very encouraging and gives me more ideas on how I can improve.
Thank you Sandrine for creating this class!!!

Corina Menz
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes

I have thoroughly enjoyed this

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class from Sandrine! It has spurred on my intuitive paintings and I look forward to taking more online classes.

Suzanne Conner
Painting flowers from imagination

Awesome tutorials and a Great teacher!

painting flowers from imagination by Sandrine Pelissier

After admiring Sandrine’s art for quite some time, constantly pinning her artwork and wishing I had talent like her! I took the plunge and and I’m so glad I did! Sandrine makes art fun and her techniques are very easy to follow. Before I knew it I was creating beautiful mixed media floral art! And for the first time I actually loved what I painted! Sandrine is not only very talented, she is also very kind and generous with her time. She’s quick to answer any questions you have and always does so with a sweet disposition.

She gave me confidence in myself, which is priceless! I learned so many techniques and I was exploring different mediums I’ve never heard of let alone used before! I’ve used some of the techniques I learned in this class on other types of art, not just florals. My eyes were opened up to so many different things by this one class.

There are not enough words to explain how grateful I am to Sandrine, she put a little spark of light into my art and I’m forever thankful for her generosity.

Honoree Pellerin
Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

Great Artist, Great Art-Teacher

I want to share with everybody about the experience I had taking 3 online classes an a book from Sandrine Pelissier.
I first bought the book of Fearless Watercolor for beginners. I highly recomemd this book for those who want to learn how to paint in watercolors. It teaches you step by step how to use watercolors and how to apply the different kind of techniques you can use. It also explains you the types of watercolor papers as well as the brushes. With this book it gives the energy to start painting with watercolor and the inspiration to learn more about it.

Once I read the whole book and made all the techniques from the book, I wanted to keep practising not only in watercolor but also with other medium, I took painting Imaginary Flowers. This online class was fun, beautifull, and the most important, relaxing class! Here you put in practice your imagination and creativity! There is no wrong or right here, you just need to have a grest time doing this!!

Also, I took 26 Weeks of Training and Inspiration. This is another of her online classes that I was addictived! I learn a lot here. It gave me the discipline to do it every day for 26 week. Of course, you can do it at your own pace, but I was hooked with this class. I highly recommend it!! If there were a second part, with my closed eyes I would do it!!

Lastly, I took the Express yourself, creative well being class. It was another class that helps you know yourself through your paint. This was fun. I enjoyed a lot!!

Lucia Anderson
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Express yourself- Creative well being, I bought one of your books, Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

Learn Easily & Have Fun

Not only did I buy “Fearless Watercolor,” I bought “Painting Flowers From Imagination,” the DVD. I love the way Sandrine guides one through the painting process from start to finish, and makes it fun, unique and easily understandable. There’s always a piece to feel great about when you complete the process.I can’t wait to get my hands on “Painting Patterned Trees.”
I can promise that anyone interested in watercolor or mixed media will love her style as well as the way she teaches.

Diana Hunter
I bought one of your books, Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

Sandrine or Me?

painting flowers from imagination by Sandrine Pelissier

I have both bought art from you and also taken in person classes – both experiences bring ongoing joy. After completing your flowers from imagination class, my creation was so satisfying and professional looking my husband thought I had bought another one of your beautiful pieces of art! I always enjoy your classes and find your teaching style clear, patient and motivating. Thank you.

Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

Sandrine Is A Great Teacher!

I loved Sandrine’s Imaginative Flower paintings the first time I saw them. I signed up for her course and have successfully created several of my own Imaginative Flowers, thanks to her clear, concise explanations and video examples. I have purchased the 26 Weeks course and have not yet had time to start it, but I am looking so forward to it! Besides the fact that I really love Sandrine’s art and teaching, I really like and respect that she makes her courses available for a lifetime!! That has not been true of most online courses I have taken, but it’s definitely something I look for and seals the deal for me when I do. A great artist, a great teacher and material for life!! I couldn’t ask for more.

I have included one of my paintings that I created following my Imaginative Painting course. The Imaginative Florals have been among my very best selling paintings, too.

Thank you, Sandrine, I appreciate you more than you know!

Patty Stewart
Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

Exciting Techniques

I enjoyed this class immensely. I learned how to use materials I already had more effectively and in new, exciting ways. I especially liked the layering process…the building of design and “discovering” flowers, stems & leaves in the random mish-mash of shapes and colors. I highly recommend this class for those wanting to break out of the traditional floral-painting mode.

Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination


painting flowers from imagination by Sandrine Pelissier

LOVED THIS CLASS, made me realize how “tight” I get with a painting. Trying to relax and go with the flow, and cannot come close to these beautiful creations……will keep trying!!!!

carol gabbert
Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

A big huge thank you

Online painting class

I’ve completed all 26 weeks and have learned a lot. Not only some techniques, but, basic approaches to planning works and critiquing my own work when completed. A big huge thank you for making 26 Weeks of Inspiration and Training available at a very affordable price. And, another huge load of thanks for taking the time to offer thoughtful and helpful critiques whenever requested. You have a gift for being both supportive and direct, and I’ve appreciated that.

It took a bit longer than 26 weeks for me to complete all the projects, still, I’m sad it’s coming to an end.

Robin G
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes

It has been a pleasure

Online painting class

It has been a pleasure taking these classes. The weekly tasks are very interesting and Sandrine’s feedback on the works is always constructive and very motivating. I guess these classes are important for both beginners and experienced artists, as you can learn and practice new techniques and find new ways for your work. I believe joining these classes has been of great importance for my art and I thank Sandrine for her guidance and kindness.

Robson Jordao
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes

It was a great voyage

Online painting class

It was a great voyage of discovery this 26 weeks class. The lessons, the tutorials were clear and to the point, as well as Sandrine’s feedback. The feedback gives so much added value. I went through all sorts of emotions during the assignments, but it pushed me in a certain direction. I can recommend everyone to follow this class of inspiration and training, because a lot is happening!

Etty Stuit
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes

Learned how to paint abstractly with Sandrine

I absolutely LOVE this way of painting! It opened up a whole new way for me to express myself.
I wish I had more time to do more…but here’s one that came out of my endeavors while watching one of Sandrine’s online videos. I ended up purchasing a video because of it.

I’m now also recreating one of a kind Artfits – The Art to Be on Etsy. Someday, I’d like to somehow do paintings on cloth, or transfer papers – so that it can cross over from painting to textiles.


B. Juliana Leo
Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

It works like a personal coach.

online marketing class for artists

With the online classes “How to sell my art online” I am working on the tips Sandrine gives me.
As I presumed it is a lot of work, but her classes are coaching me step by step to reach my goal.
The result will be shown in my web shop to realise in 2018.
Doing the work myself is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional and through these classes I will
be able to update the site myself any time necessary.

Marja Ouwerling
Online Classes, Sell your art online

Got me going….

I joined Sandrine’s Figure drawing group in North Vancouver for a session last year after recovering from hand surgery, as well as after a 15 hiatus from drawing. Sandrine was welcoming and encouraging, and that helped me overcome my fear and anxiety about making art. I jumped in and entered pieces in the annual exhibition which was a first for me. I have continued on to explore in lots of different media over the last 18 months, and always get a boost when I get her newsletter!

Laurie Martz
12 weeks of drawing explorations, Online Classes

So much and information

I loved the on line workshop “painting flowers from imagination “ learnt heaps about the value of different layers, colours that work well together. Very well presented and great price ❤️

Vanessa Black
Online Classes, Painting flowers from imagination

This class is exactly what I needed

Online painting class

This class is exactly what I needed to jump start me back into drawing and painting after many years of working creatively on a computer only. The lessons flexibility and guidance are very helpful. Sandrine’s personal advice and helpful critiques have opened my eyes to another way of seeing. I feel a true sense of advancement in my skills and a widening of perceptive ability in my art. 
Thank you Sandrine!

Linda Brisbon
26 weeks of training and inspiration

Now art is something I do every day…

Online painting class

This is a great opportunity to try so many different techniques, with Sandrine’s gentle guidance and encouragement. I love this class..I have learned so much and I can see my artwork developing. I was so put off making art by an unsympathetic teacher in school, I just wish he had been like Sandrine!
Now art is something I do every day…I feel I have set out on an exciting journey…I would recommend ’26 weeks ‘ unreservedly.

Marjorie Paterson
26 weeks of training and inspiration

Thank you!

Thank you for a very complete class, now I have to get started on my website !

Sell your art online

You are a generous and giving teacher

Sandrine, I loved this class and am in the process of creating and continuing to learn more…You are a generous and giving teacher. I continue to read and follow your blog and advice. Thank you,

Express yourself- Creative well being

Great instructions and inspiration!

What a fun and spontaneous way to paint! Loved learning some new techniques. Even though I have been creating and teaching art for so many years I always feel there is more to learn. Great instructions and inspiration!

Painting flowers from imagination

Thank you

Thanks for your useful and beautiful lessons. Sorry can´t travel to participate of your classes and workshops.I´m very far, but enjoy your articles and lessons on line. May be one day, ´ll have this opportunity.

12 weeks of drawing explorations

It was so good for me

Thank you very much for your flower class. It was so good for me and I think my art work will be very different now because you showed me the artful process from start to finish.
Your techniques are very honest and practical and more importantly… beautiful.
I just bought your watercolour book from amazon so look forward to that.
I wish i could do a class in person but I am in Australia… hopefully you will do more classes online.
Many thanks again

Painting flowers from imagination

I am enjoying the drawing class very much

I am enjoying the drawing class very much. It has really pushed me to try new methods and actually enjoy the experience. I also liked having an online drawing experience. I have never done that and it opened a whole new facet of creating to me.

Donna Vines
12 weeks of drawing explorations

So much fun!

Online painting class

The 26-weeks-of-inspiration course was so much fun. Each unit brought me new enjoyment, and I learned so much. I tried many many types of painting and artwork, so many I would not have thought to do on my own. I recommend this course to anyone who is stuck in a rut with one type of medium, or who is timid and afraid to get started in the world of making art.

Susan Derby
26 weeks of training and inspiration

Art on!

Online painting class

This class has been a great experience. I have gotten to play with different styles, and moving outside my comfort zones. The class allows for setting your own pace which worked wonderfully for my job and other commitments. I have also gained new insight for the constructive comments from Sandrine.
I look forward to finishing the assignments and maybe another class from Sandrine.
Art on!

Marci Mock
26 weeks of training and inspiration, Online Classes