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I had the pleasure yesterday of receiving my copy of “Just Add Watercolor” by Helen Birch.

I love it when Artists are using watercolor to make fresh and contemporary looking paintings! This book has a great selection of such works, very inspiring.

One of my painting is featured, it is called “Morning Walk” and sold two years ago at the Anonymous Art Show in North Vancouver. I don’t know who bought it 🙂

Buy “Just add Watercolor” on the Amazon website here:
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Together with Sandrine Pelissier, fearlessly explore the wonderful world of watercolor. Embark on an adventurous journey with Sandrine; she will discuss the importance of enjoying the artistic learning process, when to break all the rules, the excitement of experimentation, creating tricks by taking risks, and the natural process of finding your own artistic style.

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Sandrine will shed some light on gathering materials, finding a place and time to paint, some basic watercolor techniques, how to add stunning textures to your watercolor work, experimenting with watercolor mixed media, and how to do a self-evaluation at the end of a piece to improve moving into the future.

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The winners of Splash 17 have been announced and “Selfie” will be featured in that edition.
This painting was done from a self portrait my daughter made in front of mirror, it is watercolor, India Ink and acrylic.

See the steps of the painting process here:

See the list of winners here: