Exquisite Landscape Exhibition

exquisite landscapes north Vancouver exhibition with sandrine pelissier


Exquisite LandscapeFive accomplished artists embarked on an ambitious art experiment. The project is a collaborative panoramic painting that will span the entire gallery, highlighting beautiful West Coast scenery from ocean to foreshore, to forest, to marsh and meadow, to mountain, to lake, and back to ocean. The artists started from one continuous line concept drawing and photographs. Working independently and playing with the element of surprise, each artist created unique compositions on canvas or board that will, in the end, work cohesively into a grand panoramic, exquisite landscape.
Artists: Sarah Hill David, Elspeth Hart, Sandrine Pelissier, Mary Shaughnessy, and Camille Sleeman
Interactive Community Component: During the opening reception, participate in a fun collaborative drawing game called, “Exquisite Corpse”. You will contribute to a third of a figure drawing without seeing the other portions, producing an amusing and unexpected creation. The collection of drawings will be displayed throughout the exhibition.

Here is a virtual 360 panorama recreating the exhibition that did wrap up the entire Cityscape Community Art Gallery.

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